cropped-mdg-logo-copy1-e1413952401919.jpgMyanmar Distribution Group, through its network of over 22 branches and 600+ staff nationwide delivers to over 32,000 retail outlets each month. This world class home-MDGinfrastructure can help connect you to Myanmar’s 50+ million consumers.

Our comprehensive Market Expansion Services are at your disposal to unlock the market’s potential, no matter if you are looking for product feasibility studies, registration, importation, customs clearance, brand and product management, sales, marketing, trade relations management, field marketing and POP services, procurement, warehousing, physical distribution, logistics services, invoicing, cash collection, and after-sales services. Based on our unparalleled network in the region and our profound industry knowledge, we provide all the essential services that help you grow your business in the Myanmar market. Our experts work out tailor-made solutions with high cost efficiency and reduced risk, enabling you to make the right decisions and take the right actions.

MDG’s network infrastructure, supply chain management, distribution, marketing, local know-how and logistical expertise help FMCG brand owners expand their market in Myanmar. Combining international standards and local cultural knowledge, MDG is clearly the partner of choice.

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