Social responsibility is an integral part of MDG’s culture.  It is both our duty and our pleasure to give something back, not only to our direct stakeholders, but also to our community at large throughout the country. We constantly strive to drive social and environmental change through our expertise, operations and products.


We are a company that is proud to be from Myanmar and is proud of our national heritage. We believe the most significant impact we can have on society is by supporting the local economic stability and growth, which in turn provides opportunities to address some of the major issues that the country is facing. Throughout our operations, we can contribute to a better world by making a commitment to financial transparency and sound governance.


The core of our business lies on our people. We pride ourselves on attracting, investing, and retaining the best people. We also have a strong stance against child labor. MDG is committed to responsible employment practices and we expect the same of our suppliers. Our mission is to create an engaging environment where our people can develop to their full potential.


MDG has a long-standing commitment to support the local communities.  We continuously support schools, local philanthropic organizations, and monasteries. We also played an integral role in support and relief efforts after the devastation of Cyclone Nargis. We also invest in various cultural activities and publications.


MDG is committed to manage its operations in a way that reduces our environmental footprint. Our streamlined logistics systems are designed to minimize our environmental impact. We also continuously monitor our distribution and production lines to ensure they are in compliance with Myanmar environmental laws and regulations.

MDG’s network infrastructure, supply chain management, distribution, marketing, local know-how and logistical expertise help FMCG brand owners expand their market in Myanmar. Combining international standards and local cultural knowledge, MDG is clearly the partner of choice.

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